Corded/Woven Strapping

Why Choose Corded/Woven Strapping?

Corded polyester strapping is strong, lightweight and versatile, providing an ideal alternative to steel banding and similar strapping systems. In addition to its inherent flexibility and strength, Corded Polyester is easy to handle, and can be tightened to maintain constant levels of tension in both storage and delivery. It’s more easily disposable than steel and won’t rust either, therefore avoiding staining or damaging goods.


How can Corded/Woven Strap be used?

This strapping system is suitable for a multitude of end users across a wide range of industries, typically securing large containers, packages, timber, pallet wrapping and the like.

 Corded Strap           Corded strap pallet



Jaeger Packaging Corded/Woven Strap


Jaeger Ref

Metric Ref


13mm   x 1100 x 375kg Corded PET Strapping


16mm   x 750m x 500kg Green Woven PET Strapping


16mm   x 750m x 500kg White Woven PET Strapping


19mm   x 600m x 600kg White Woven PET Strapping


19mm   x 500m x 750kg White Woven PET Strapping


9mm   x 500m x 275kg Corded PET Bale Strapping